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Our Approach

We treat each student as an individual and not as just another number. Our students are tested upon admission so that we can accurately access their math and reading skills. Students are then placed in classes that are congruent with where they are academically. We also go through great lengths to identify each students learning styles and our staff work hard to include instructional choices that reflect the diverse learning styles of the students in a given classroom. Accountability starts at the top and flows down to our students. Our students are required to show up prepared for class daily. We expect them to be dressed in uniform, prepared with the required learning materials and armed with an attitude of success.

Our Story

Langston Hughes Academy for Arts and Technology was founded in 2015 as the first charter high school in North Tulsa. We were founded to give parents in our community a choice and students the tools they need to successfully move to the next level. In 2015 we started with 9th grade students and each year we have added an additional grade. In 2019 we will proudly graduate our first Senior class! We are proud to be authorized and sponsored by Langston University.


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