Our Approach

We treat each student as an individual and not as just another number. Our students are tested upon admission so that we can accurately access their math and reading skills. Students are then placed in classes that are congruent with where they are academically. We also go through great lengths to identify each students learning styles and our staff work hard to include instructional choices that reflect the diverse learning styles of the students in a given classroom. Accountability starts at the top and flows down to our students. Our students are required to show up prepared for class daily. We expect them to be dressed in uniform, prepared with the required learning materials and armed with an attitude of success.

Our Story

Langston Hughes Academy for Arts and Technology was founded in 2015 as the first charter high school in North Tulsa. We were founded to give parents in our community a choice and students the tools they need to successfully move to the next level. In 2015 we started with 9th grade students and each year we have added an additional grade. In 2019 we will proudly graduate our first Senior class! We are proud to be authorized and sponsored by Langston University.

Our Uniform Expectation

The Langston Hughes Academy Board of Directors believes that a safe and disciplined learning environment is an expectation of a high performing school. The way a student dresses can have a direct impact upon his/her health, safety, attitude and performance, and upon the health, safety, attitude and performance of others. In order to maintain a safe, respectful, positive and productive educational environment, Langston Hughes Academy has adopted and will enforce the following Dress Code.

Uniforms with the Langston Hughes Academy logo may be ordered with C & J School Uniforms Inc- 4984 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK  

**Students can substitute the black blazer for a monogrammed black sweater or students can wear both items.


  • Final judgment of acceptable attire and personal appearance is at the discretion of the Leadership Team.
  • A first offense for failure to meet the uniform requirement shall result in the student being given a period of one (1) hour to contact their parents/guardians in order to retrieve the missing uniform components. If the student is able to meet the uniform expectations after the one (1) hour period, the student will be allowed to resume their daily schedule.
  • If the student is not successful in retrieving the missing uniform components the student will spend the remainder of the school day in ISS.
  • The student's parent will be contacted and informed that the student cannot return to campus until they can meet the uniform expectation fully.

Reasonable consideration shall be made for those students who, because of a sincerely held religious belief or medical reason, request a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance. The waiver request shall be in writing from the Parents/Guardians and approved by the Dean or Dean's designee on an annual basis. In considering a waiver request, the Dean or Dean's designee has the right to request additional documentation from medical officials and/or religious leaders.


Our Cell Phone Usage Expectation

The Langston Hughes Academy Board of Directors recognizes that there are valid reasons for students to have cell phones.
However, throughout the course of the school day, especially during direct instruction or academic
time, cell phones serve limited purposes and can cause unnecessary and unwanted distractions.
Such distractions not only may hinder student progress on academic subject matter, but also may
make it difficult for others to focus on the subject matter at hand.

Daily Process

Step 1: Each day students will turn in their cell phones to their first hour instructor, the instructor will place cell phones in a individual bag with the student's name on it. Campus security will pick up all cell phones and lock them in a secure location.

Step 2: Students will retrieve their cell phones from their first hour instructors at the end of the school day.

*Parents/Guardians can contact their students by calling the main office at: 918-728-8588

Failure to Comply With Expectations

If the student refuses to relinquish their cell phone to their first hour instructor, their parent/guardian will contacted and the student will spend the remainder of the day in ISS. If the student falsely denies having a cell phone but is seen with their cell phone anywhere on campus, the cell phone will be confiscated by campus security and returned only to the student’s parent/guardian.

A second offense of the above actions will result in suspension from school as dictated by our consequence matrix.



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